August 20, 2008

i really should be working. the work never ends! sad-bear.

so i wanted to make an apology to my dear friends, mayra & curtis, for not keeping up on our design-friends blog. boo what a slacker i am. so sorry friends. i will be better about it, once all the business dies down, i promise.


well here are my latest purchases from etsy! i think i am in love with mustard. hm, can you tell?

just lovely. the first is a bird charm from jessicajane, in which she is donating 100% of the proceeds to a family in need. the second is a lovely floral wood pendant from sugarpanda. i can't wait. it's pretty awesome.


and lastly, i love these people:

it is the 'team' with whom i went to africa with last summer! i hadn't seen them in months, but we finally got together just on saturday. it was great! (we're missing steve though) i love you ashley, jennifer, john, tommy, rache, erica, jon, & peg.

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