September 29, 2008

so nicholas took me to see wicked this past weekend!
we'd seen it before but he wanted to take me since it's leaving la.
so if you live around here and haven't seen it, you must go!
and we found the dean martin star! he is a big fan :)

isn't he adorable? :)

anyway, here are some sticker designs i've been working on: i am needing to make about 300-400 promo packs to give away at events like felt club, holiday hotness, the sampler, etc and stickers are a quick, easy, and fun giveaway item! i'll probably be including some buttons and jewelry in the promo packs or something.

3 hello's:

  1. Love the sticker idea! They look great!

  2. youre boyfriend is cute and your stickers are nifty!!

  3. Cute Labels! I love the one with the elephant!


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