October 5, 2008

I was tagged by Jess a while ago but I was trying to think of some good random facts ;) Alas, here is all that I could come up with.

My random facts:

1. I don't like cheese. no cheeseburgers, no cheese in my salad, no cheese. i take the cheese off my pizza (yum!) but i do like cheetos!

2. I met my boyfriend at poker night at a mutual friend's place. I really did not like him at all initially and he was my arch-poker-enemy - all i wanted to do was beat him! anyway, 3 years later - we've talked about getting married on 10-10-10..... oh the 10's. is it too much?

3. When I was little I would bite kids. ok, this is a little disturbing. but my mom has saved notes that i would get sent home with me from school. i think i was kind of a brat.

4. I am 4' 10 and three-quarters inches tall. People in high school always told me I should apply for a handicap parking pass since I was a 'legal midget'. um, sad-bear! I wouldn't really take advantage of the system like that. and besides, i'm not even a midget! just really short. probably cause i would hide my food at the bottom of the trash can when i was little cause I didn't want to eat. what little kid likes to eat? I know no kids that voluntarily eat. ;)

5. I love old items old typewriters, cash registers, cameras, and skeleton keys (along with the lock - this is the absolute best!) I would have liked to live in the 40's or 50's with big bands, Dean Martin and Sinatra.

6. Random jobs I would get if I lived forever ::
Post office worker (cause stamping stuff is so fun and they get to stamp lots of stuff!)
Teacher (but only for a month cause I'd probably get bored..it'd be fun to teach little kids! I love kids!)
Grocery store clerk (to bag and scan bar codes .. actually, I got a job at target a while back because I really like scanning bar codes.)
Truck driver (to basically get to sleep in the sleeper part, some of them are so cool! What a fun roadtrip! Ok maybe not. But it seems cool.)
I told you they were random!

7. Seven countries I have been to are: Rwanda, Calcutta, Denmark, China, Vietnam, Phillipines, England.

Thanks for the tag Jess!
Here are 7 friend's I'll tag ::

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Monique : moadesigns - haha, I tagged you before!
Curtis : mr. elliot design

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3 hello's:

  1. oh my gosh number 6 made me laugh!!! you are so freakin cute. I LOVE scanning at the self check out in the store!! And the truck driver thing...omg, youre funny!

  2. LOL very random but a fun read!! teehee thanks for tagging me!! LOL @ the scanning bar codes thing!!

  3. I loved your random things!! So fun to learn a little bit more about you. :) You are quite the interesting girl, no wonder I love your blog.
    by the way, I have a sister who is 4'11'', and she is so adorable, although of course she gets teased pretty recularly since she's 20 and looks about 14. I myself am only 5'2"... I like short people a lot!! :)
    Thanks so much for tagging me, I will for sure do it soon.


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