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November 7, 2008

no posts today, sorry friends. maybe later this evening.... i am super busy working on the 2 upcoming shows for this weekend and next. details details details. i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and not prepared enough. i'll be posting pics soon!

i also just found out my job is letting me go on the 21st! 2 more weeks. sad bear! i'm not too worried about it, but i'll be honest that having a steady flow of income is so nice. so we'll see how i survive without that! time to update the resume.
oh, here's a link to share: TEST YOUR COLOR IQ with this test, my boss sent it to me at work.. it's fun! i'll share my score if you share yours. just kidding. i got a 12. i wanted a perfect. but no go. i blame the crappy off brand computer monitor i'm stuck with at work.  ;)  some guy here had perfect color vision! i'm going to try it again at home on my nice mac.

have a great weekend!  ♥

5 hello's:

  1. that color test hurt my eyes! I was squinting so hard. I did it in a hurry because a hungry marine was waiting for me, but I got a ten.

  2. aw that's sad about your job =( but you've got amazing skills so i'm sure you'll find a new job in no time!

    haha that test hurt my eyes too!! i ended up getting a 4 though =)

  3. I think I am far too impatient for that test... maybe I am going to do it on a lazy sunday afternoon.

  4. thanks karen, that is so sweet of you to say :) hopefully i'll be ok selling my goods and stuff.

    jess, yea i took it again at home and my eyes hurt. it was worse too! i got a 25..

  5. Oh my gosh! This was such an exciting test! I got a 3, but I credit some of that to having a new mac - I'm sure that helped! So fun, I am going to pass this on to my friends!


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