veteran's day:

November 11, 2008

so it's 5:30 am, i woke up an hour ago .. i would normally like to be getting all my sleep in right now , i mean, waking up at 4:30 is not a everyday thing for me, but for some reason i just couldn't get back to sleep. bummer. i think i have too much on my mind like felt club this weekend. patchwork was this last Sunday, thanks to everyone who came out! it went well. and my dear nicholas who gave up his whole weekend to make things, carry things, and help me all day at the show. sadly, i did not even stop to think that i should take pictures. well, i did think it but i feel like i had no time to take pictures, so all that to say: i didn't take 1 single picture!! i will take pictures this weekend for sure. if you're in the OC/LA area, hope you can make it out to felt club!

well this image really moved me, i got pretty emotional when i saw it, like to the point of tears. the caption read "Protected - U.S. soldiers shield a wounded comrade from debris kicked up by a rescue helicopter in Qubah, Iraq." i mean, seriously: they really know what sacrifice is and the bond they must have is incredible, for lack of a good word. happy veterans day.

via the year in images, time magazine.

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  1. You woke up at 4:30am? I went to sleep at 5 something am. Haha. Are we on totally opposite schedules!


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