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November 11, 2008

well just some more random posts. i thought i'd share some link love as i browse around my latest rss feeds.

who doesn't love brushes? they're so great, and inspire me to design something just to be able to use them ;)

free encouragement, booooooom + design for mankind
submit a kind message (by dec 5) and it will be added to the gallery of encouragement!

these are really cool, i think i like the cubic houses the most.

for all you people who have nice writing (wishcake)  or even if you don't (me) - create a font out of your own writing. 

anyway, here are some of my favorite new items i'll be adding to the shop very soon. you can also get them at felt club this weekend.

a preview at the shops of some more sponsors for the blog's huge giveaway, coming soon.

ok, i must get back to work now. only 1 week left at my job. craazy.

2 hello's:

  1. what fun links--especially the font one. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner. Boo.
    I am so excited for the new items in your shop! I love looking at your lovely things.

  2. To generate a font out of your handwriting for free, go to YourFonts.com. Even without a scanner you'll be able to use it. Just open the template in your image editing software and write in (draw) the characters.


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