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November 12, 2008

Fat Daddy Bake Shop at etsy.

when i first came across this shop, i thought to myself, wow, these look really good but i don't think i could justify spending $6.50 + another $7 for shipping on a cupcake. However, ::sigh:: after having looked through all her delightful pictures and reading her tasty descriptions, i am convinced i need a cupcake. $15. who cares. it'd be worth it. they look delicious. and they come in a little jar! how charming and sweet.

she has just returned from maternity leave and has been selling her cupcakes like mad! and they say we're in a recession. ;) i think i will wait to order one for something special. let us get together! that would be special and definitely call for a cupcake!

6 hello's:

  1. I sent some of these to my sister for her birthday in July. She even included a birthday card and some birthday napkins. The sister said they were AMAZING too!

  2. I also sent one to my sister for her birthday last year. They put a birthday note to her and had everything wrapped just so. I also order several of these for myself (after hearing my sister rant and rave about hers) and every flavor I ordered tasted amazing!!! You can even freeze them to last longer (and they do thaw perfectly). It's the perfect gift to send! I highly recommend this company and their cupcakes!

  3. They totally do look yummy! But oh my gosh, we were just talking about this whole "the government is in recession" thing today! LOL! This past Saturday I went out and the traffic was like crazy! The malls were all packed! I doesn't seem to be as as bad as they say. LOL!

  4. Oh my these look sinfully delicious...

  5. my birthday is soon, when is yours!!??!

  6. hey fatty,
    i think you need to cut back so just get one for me instead. they look pretty tasty. what? you didn't like the choco-cake in the microwave idea but you want one of these things? madness. utter madness.


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