old and new:

November 6, 2008

that last banner was from august!
definitely time for a change.

goodbye old banner, hello new!
can you tell i really like this graph paper?
& leaves. & the umbrella ;)

5 hello's:

  1. Oh my... I love the new banner! plus, we share a same love of graph paper. So lovely, love your work!

  2. You are my design idol. Heehee. Someday I want to snatch you up and take you to my place and have you teach me about all your design-y goodness.


    PS: It made me laugh because the comment word verification that it's making me type is "style" and I thought, "Oh! How fitting!" Heehee.

  3. I am loving all of these changes! New header, new business cards!

    You have a great eye :)

  4. thanks ladies, you are really too kind! :)


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