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June 1, 2009

hello friends!

gone are the days when i would simply change my blog banner! (i've actually gone through a couple changes) now we go through full on blog layout changes! well, i am very excited to announce to you on this monday, june first: the new oh, hello friend blog layout is finally here! :) so for all you friends who read the blog in your reader or rss feed, hurry and get out and click here so you can see the new layout!

i will miss the old. i loved the mint and lace:

but i do love this fresh warm pastel look:

so with the new layout you will notice some new things!

over on the side under welcome, i have an "about" page, if you'd like to read more about the blog and me! along with an email button so you can always easily email me, and a button to subscribe to my feed if you enjoy this blog!

i also kind of wanted a 3 column layout, but still liked the 2 column. i'm so indecisive ;) so this was my solution: it looks like 2 columns, but it's really 3! awesome!

the daily schedule is now changed (read more about it below) and we have some amazing sponsors supporting the blog as well!

i'll be featuring lots more 'series' like our last notions series and hopefully getting more 'collections' together as well.

also: be sure to check out my friend blog roll here in addition to all the inspiration blog links. if you have linked me and would like to be added to the blog roll, please comment there and i'd love to add you.

well, that's about all i think! what do you think? i really hope you all like the new blog layout and all the changes going on.

happy monday!

17 hello's:

  1. the new blog layout looks beautiful!
    I liked the old one as well, but this one is just so pretty and it looks somehow more professional :) you did an amazing job!

    I would love to exchange links! I have linked back to your blog, you can see it anytime here:

    Have a great week! :)

  2. The new dress is gorgeous! I really love it! Did you make it by yourself?
    It's great!

  3. Your new blog layout loosk so lovely and soft...itt will be refreshing to visit when drinking my morning coffee.

  4. ....everything looks so fantastic! LOVE the new layout! seeing the knack banner's such a perfect place to be....thank you...xo

  5. I love it. You work so hard. Congrat on the 1 year mark. You should celebrate a bit.

  6. I love the new layout! =D

  7. looks great!! love the new look!!


  8. love the new design! it feels very happy, sophisticated, and warm.

  9. it looks amazing!!! fabulous job!

  10. Gorgeous blog layout. I love it! Blog crush!

  11. Loving the new layout! especially the 2 column/3 column trick you did. Good luck in the next year.

  12. this is fantastic danni! you've been quite a busy bee. can't wait to see more.

  13. I found your blog recently and I can't get enough of it! Most of your Flickr links have become my favorites. The new design looks beautiful; so sweet and springy and vintage. Can't wait for all of the new features!

  14. i do like the new one better :)

  15. I love the new layout!
    It is perfect for summer :D

  16. The new look is lovely. I'd like to re-do mine but I am so indecisive!

    I've linked to your blog on mine:


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