12 days of cheer, ginko papers:

December 1, 2010

Item: Christmas Japanese Tape, 3 roll pack
Retail Price: $10.50 (+ s&h)
+ $2 for shipping & handling

12 days of cheer is here with a great deal to start off the festivities. Love this deal, I don't think Japanese tape can ever get old. So tempted to get one for myself, which means there will be only 19 packs left! ;)

- Only 20 units available

- Limit 1 per customer

- Please be sure to visit Ginko Papers and support!

- This deal is only good for customers in the us, sorry!

- Click the 'buy now' button to purchase this deal.
Use your paypal account to pay and enter your shipping
information. Then your good cheer will be on it's way!

- If the 'buy now' button is no longer working,
it means the item is sold out.

- If you purchased one, please leave a comment so we
can track how many are left :)

Questions? Just email me!

15 hello's:

  1. Just bought one! :) I fear I'll be buying all these deals up these next 12 days! I can't resist good deals :)

    Danni, you're such a superhero! Thanks for organizing all these wonderful things this holiday season! Still hoping to see you at a craft show before the year ends!!

  2. I just got a set. So glad too because I've been wanting some of the Christmas tapes!

  3. Yay! I needed more tape! thank you so much!
    What a fun series!
    <3 Anna

  4. Hooray!! I just purchased one.

  5. I bought one! Hooray for my gift wrap (now it has some fun tape to go with it.)

  6. Woo hoo!! I just bought one! I can't wait to use them!!

  7. Just bought one! I love washi tape!

  8. I just bought a set! It's my first Japanese Tape purchase; so excited!!

  9. i totally hit that. the buy now button...


  10. i bought one too. :D can't wait to see what else is coming the rest of the week!

  11. so happy I was able to get one :D
    it is such a great deal! thanks.

  12. I just discovered Japanese tape within the last couple of months and now I'm obsessed with it! This offer was the perfect excuse for me to buy some Christmas tape. I can't wait for it to be delivered! Thanks for putting together this opportunity.

  13. guilty!! bought one!!!! thanks for this sweet idea and great offers!!!

  14. i was just looking for holiday tape today. so glad i saw this AND i bought one :)


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