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July 19, 2011

It's really fun to collect things, don't you think? I have a little collection of calendars - and today I thought I'd round up some pretty cool perpetual calendars and do a keyword!

Vintage Perpetual Desk Top Note Pad Calendar from Peppersplacedesigns, $12

Embroidered Perpetual Calendar from BySaraLynn, $86

Vintage Lyons' Tea tin as perpetual Calendar from hope51, $38

Vintage antique exotic wood Calendar from Blue Flower Vintage, $30

Victorian Cast IRON Perpetual DESK Calendar from Song in my heart, $30

enzo mari perpetual calendar from, $150

Another Enzo Mari Desk Calendar from, $149

Saw this Perpetual Produce Calendar at Lillian's blog last week and picked one up myself at Renegade last weekend! Buy it at Krank Press, $20
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A neat calendar download (for Letter Writers Alliance Members) from 16 sparrows, $free (sign up to be a member for only $3!)

1930s Perpetual Flip Desk Calendar from fallinginswirls, $32

vintage art deco style perpetual calendar from jetsetvintage, $28.40

Plastic Sliding Date Perpetual Calendar from sonofasailorvintage, $42

Waterspouts and Chimney Tops Perpetual Calendar from Upon a Fold, $16.95
(I may just order this one after I finish this post, hehe)

& there are some cool calendars over at Three Potato Four - even though they're all sold, they're still fun to look at. (I'm dreaming about owning every single one in my own collection!) What special sort of things do you collect? Maybe I'll get some inspiration for a future 'keyword' post.. Well, have a great day!

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  1. I love all of your 'collections' posts but this one is amazing! love the embroidery hoop and the produce calender, but like you i may have to order the waterspouts and chimney tops calender as its too cute for words! xxx

  2. looooove your blog! you post about all the things i like! i love the embroidered one.

  3. My favorite is Upon a Fold's calender. It is so cute..

  4. these are sooo unique and fun!!

  5. eek I want all of them!!

  6. These are all so so lovely!

    ps I have a giveaway. Stop by !

  7. I love LOVE collections --- I think everyone should have 1 or 2 .... or 20. No harm in that. Until you watch 'Hoarders'.
    - Carrie

  8. Love the first one and the colours of the downloadable one. Great round up!

  9. Loved the Victorian Cast Iron Calendar... ohh and the last one - Waterspouts and Chimney Tops. Who knew calendars could be so much fun? Thanks for the round up!

  10. This is so funny. I get your blog's feed via my email and sure enough when opened the email there was one of my items from my store right at the top. Thanks for including us...I love your blog!

  11. I'm loving the third one. Really really really about to buy it. Now.

    Thanks for sharing this! :)

    xo, Ana
    My (Newly)Wed Life

  12. embroidered calendar is my fav! peace be with you today :)

  13. What a great, creative post! Lovely choices.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  14. I adore you collection posts. So thorough- you always think of everything.

  15. beautiful collections of collection pictures : )
    i thing i collect a lot of things but not as a collections if you know what i mean. the only thing i am realy pationate for and i collect since my childhood is quotes!

  16. I just bought one for only $10 from the early 1940's! It's so lovely. Weirdly I just took a picture of it to put on my blog before I read this post!

  17. Or you could just own a computer

  18. Lovely collection! You might like mine too:
    the color could not be better :)


  19. I kinda fight between my collector self and minimalist-purge-everything self. Right now my minimalist self is winning.

  20. Oh, I love so many of these! The embroidered and the cast iron ones are my favorites. I love calendars so much and have to stop myself from buying a handful at the start of the school year, because I never use them past the first week. Oh well!

  21. These calendars are so lovely! Especially the last one.

  22. i love the calendar... it's absolutely lovely!

  23. i hate to say this,but your krank press link does not go to krank press' shop. at least it didnt for me.


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