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July 26, 2011


Today's keyword is undiscovered. I used etsy's pounce feature to find today's lovely goods. These are newly opened shops that haven't had a sale yet! I still remember when I got my first sale at my shop, it was so exciting. Maybe you can take a look and support ;) There is so much great stuff out there!

educational puzzle from hammcrafted, $115

dark purple triangle scarf from oaksavannashop, $60.00 CAD

Orange butterfly necklace from TheGlassLilyPad, $10.50

Scotland Print from pruginko, $30

The Everyday Leather Leash from BijaCollars, $40

Beautiful silk dresses & tunics from Atelier Joy, from France!

If you need a tweed jacket for your man, spokes555 has some good ones!

A new vintage shop: Smoking Saints vintage fashion from Denmark!

baby booties with leather lace from productiveknits, $28

Studio Camera Bag from Etupirka, $95

Cognomen Semi-blank Recycled Journal from Crowne, $20

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  1. So awesome that you did that and then posted about them..I am off to check them out!

  2. These places look amazing! Especially the Danish vintage shop--finding European vintage is brilliant because the postage is much more affordable.

  3. I too remember my first sale and it was so exciting. What a good idea to post about these brand new shops! The amount of beautiful shops out there always amazes me.

  4. i love those leashes... i would wear them... and maybe the baby booties too. :P

    agnes / iiiinspired

  5. I love that you did this! I can only imagine how thrilled they are that a prolific blogger like you recognized their talents. Lovely!

  6. Thanks for discovering these darling designs for us! I love the Atelier Joy dresses and am already on their Etsy page.


  7. Danni, this keyword is just fantastic -- and what wonderful finds from new shops! Needless to say, that Scotland print has me itching to travel. I'd take that bag with me too.

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  9. How nice for these sellers. Is it just me who always wants the fancy camera bags but doesn't own a fancy camera?

  10. That print makes me wanna go to Scotland! Lovely!

  11. These are indeed great items! I'll have to take a look:) thanks for sharing!

  12. That butterfly necklace is gorgeous! I like the look of the recycled journal too =) x

  13. Jillian Clemmons26 July, 2011 18:01

    This is so cool! I didn't even know about this feature on Etsy. Thanks for the info:)

  14. These are lovely finds - Smoking Saints vintage looks fantastic!

  15. Wow that leather leash is cool! I wish it were a belt. Then I'd really want it!! :D


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