September 20, 2012

love this simple shelving: trendenser

swooning over these sweet instant comfort in a box by Kim Welling via yellow bird, yellow beard

a new monthly subscription box: olive box via the fresh exchange

cutest kid cameras ever, from twig creative

love this blog organizer free download from brandi girl blog

new polaroid instant cameras available at photo jojo

gorgeous. Michael Graydon

holyyyyy cow, can't wait to watch downton!!!! has anyone seen it yet?

lovely retreat found on homelife.com, photography by Simon Griffths

Gorgeous letter prints by black list studio prints

14 hello's:

  1. Great post! And it's a really good Downton this week :)


  2. Love these little cameras......I'm so behind on Dowton, I need to catch up asap!!!!

  3. These seriously are all swoon-worthy choices... except I think that the bookcase half hanging off the table in the first photo would drive me a little bonkers!

  4. thank you. I must have pinned almost every image. wonderful collection.

  5. Love the cameras...

    DOWNTON WONT DISAPPOINT YOU - ITS AMAZING!!! Cant wait to catch episode 2 this Sunday!

  6. Gorgeous! Oh that canoe and Downton... can I live in England yet?

  7. Spoiler alert. :(

  8. The blog organizer is a great idea.

    The letter prints are such a charming idea. :)

  9. such great things in this post! love the olivebox idea (as well as the actual wooden box that's holding the paper items!) ... excited to start using the blog organizer and that polaroid camera is sweet! not too expensive, either! :) great finds, thanks for sharing!!

  10. The book shelf is wonderful. Is it one piece or four that have been put together?

  11. Loving Olive Box and the new polaroid camera

  12. love the idea of comfort in a box so much!

  13. Hey this is so beautiful post because you put the awesome collection of Photoes.


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