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January 17, 2013

Well as you know, we are opening a shop! We have tons of displays but it's been getting a little overwhelming on how to display everything, so naturally I went looking for some shop-display inspiration! Display is kind of a big deal. I really love it because it's so fun to display things but it does make a huge impact on your product too. I'll always remember when I first started selling vinyl decals  at craft shows, no one bought any of them! Then my mom suggested I put a couple on a board or something to demonstrate how they look. and sure enough, they've totally sold ever since! 

Anyway, who else loves displays? Here's what I found for this collection of shop set-ups and displays. I don't know if I'm just drawn to them or if they're used in a lot of stores but most of these photos seem to have tons of cubby/shelves! It just looks so good! Getting pretty anxious and excited about how our shop will turn out!

alter brooklyn via NY times

via Sunday in Bed

via gruvgatan13

via Mint

via shop folklore

Iris Hantverk shop via kitka

via hooper and shaw

via me and alice

market lane via larritt-evans

via urzadzamy

via Butler's Emporium

via i art u

via decor8

via ktakako25

Mast Brothers via a merry mishap

Daniel Hotel in Vienna via let me be inspired

Capital Kitchen via Remodelista

20 hello's:

  1. I think it's really relaxing to look at these photos haha. They are really nice too!

    Thank you for this post :D xx

  2. ohhhh goodness gracious, these pictures make me super bubbly and anxious to see your store!! you're an inspiration to us all Danni!

    i'll be calling you soon!


  3. Your store is going to be one of the cutest ever! My in-laws live in the Valley, so one of these times that we visit them, we'll have to take a special trip out to see your store once it opens!

  4. These are all beautiful! Your shop is going to be amazing, i know it!

  5. I'm so excited for you to have your shop! Can't wait to see it come to life and have some Fig. 2 goodies in there (;

  6. Man I wish I could visit your store when you open up. Maybe you can open a shop in Houston someday?? ha. I love the natural wood look!

  7. This makes me wish I had a studio soooo bad! :P

  8. I love the natural look of everything! Your shop is going to be so pretty!

    ~ Alex @ Forrest Mush

  9. These are great! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Another good place to look for inspiration is the Paris Market in Savannah, GA. (just do a google image search, you will see what I mean.) My husband and I visited there while on our honeymoon and spent hours in there. Seeing a shop that is curated almost as if it were an art installation is the best.

    Just have fun with it... really play, and it will all come together!

  10. What a great collection of photos! I am totally obsessed with displays. Every time I participate in a craft show, my first order of business is figuring out what to put where... Your shop is going to be fabulous, I just know it. Even your warehouse sales are pretty, so I can only imagine what the store will look like :)

  11. there's a definite organised clutter theme going on here. I think your shop is going to look fab if your inspiration is anything to go by.

    Good luck with it all!

  12. so excited to see your finished shop. i'm planning a trip to LA in the summer and your shop is at the top of my "must-do" list! :)

  13. I live within a few miles of where you are opening up. I have driven up and down Harbor in order to scope out your location. I am so excited!!!! Love your display ideas. I cannot wait to see what you will actually add to your shop.

  14. I absolutely love this post! Displaying I think could make the difference in a shop and when I openned the coffeeshop I owned (as coopérative) we put our focus on the display and customers clearly see the difference.

    Cant wait to see your pictures!
    Olive xox

  15. They look pretty good and I’d to visit your shop. It looks so simple and kind of different from the others. I wish you the best in future.

  16. Dani, you might want to consider a subscription to Design and Display Ideas Magazine. It's all about businesses and displays.

  17. Congrats on the opening of your shop...All the best in setting up everything...


  18. Thank you for this amazing collection. Your blog is always such a great source of inspiration and I am sure that your store is gonna be a huge success.

  19. So excited to see what you come up with for your shop - so exciting!!


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