January 2, 2013

These snapshots are from quite a little while ago (august of last year! lol) but wow, time flies!
I'll try to post some more recent snapshot photos soon ;)

Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas, display!
Cutest pie-birthday party for Glow!
Went to a fun blogger craft event at Salvage Life, hosted by the lovely ladies from
pancakes and french fries and for the love of - so fun!

Aren't airplanes amazing? Traveling would be crazy without them.

Packaging things up!

9 hello's:

  1. Pretty! I miss the warm August weather~

  2. Lovely!! I want to see some new peeks at your shop! Updates soooon??

    xx Ashleigh

  3. I love your snapshots! It's like looking at a beautiful magazine.

  4. I love love love your packaging! SO cute!

  5. these are great pictures danni!! :) happy new year!!

  6. Danni can't wait to see you again this year when your shop opens here! And looking forward to you hopefully being a part of the next Craft Cabinet early Spring of this year! xo

  7. These pictures are stunning!

    - Amy

  8. i just love your packaging & merchandising. I wish I lived closer to the west coast so i could visit your booth at a fair!

    Thanks for sharing!


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