January 14, 2013

swoon-worthy pictures for your inspiration (and maybe some smiles) today.
Hope you have a sweet day today friends.


Taylor Swift


better homes & gardens

cute typewriter brooches from bRainbow

beautiful words via i still love you

puppy high five?? so cute! the fluffington post via Madeleine Udén

oh so beautiful paper photo by kate headley

lol lol lol. who else is watching downton season 3 right now? such a great moment.
via johnisnothisdate

inkkit via designlovefest

i like going places

holy smokes, paris in the winter looks like a dream! photo by Sherry via reverie daydream

20 hello's:

  1. Haha this couldn't be posted at a better time, I'm ill and sneezing non stop so thank you for cheering me up with this.

    Great timing haha! Love this post :)

  2. Blessed are the curious. Love that quote. I'm such a sucker for quotes--my pinterest is chock full of them!


  3. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, that puppy high five - I love it. Cuteness overload! :) Made my day!!

    I need to start watching Downtown Abbey - is it really that good?

    Have a great week.
    Love, Nadine

  4. Love all these.

    Zoe x

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  6. @♥ Nadine - YES!!!! It is really THAT good! Well, I haven't met one person who didn't like it.

    @Hannah Margaret Allen - I love quotes too :)

  7. oh that puppy - stop with the cuteness!!

  8. i love this post!!!:) the quotes are really amazing to!!!!

  9. That was my favorite moment on Downton Abbey, I love Lady Grantham! It literally made me laugh out loud when she said that.

  10. Hi!
    I've been reading your blog for the past few years and finally I decided to leave a message.
    Thank you for all the brilliant inspiration from the photos and sharing your creativity.
    Hope you have a wonderful 2013 filled with everything nice!
    Greetings all the way from the tiny island nation of Singapore :)

  11. saw this on a blog last night and it reminded me of the top photo


  12. thanks for sharing all these fantastic pictures! wow! love them all! j.u.l.i.a.

  13. @Anonymous - thanks for commenting, so amazing that this blog reaches all the way to Singapore! Totally made my day, thank you! :) -Danni

  14. Swoon swoon swoon! This expresses your wonderful style and personality perfectly!

  15. Ahhhh...swooon indeed! So cute - especially the "secret book compartment". I always wanted one of those as a kid!

  16. Oh I love the crockery in the first photo, adorable! thanks for sharing :)

  17. love all of these! always looking forward to your posts like this :) x

  18. Oh my gosh that part in Downton Abbey cracked me up!

  19. there is something about things hidden in books thats always intrigued me ( once a friend of mine gave a girl an external hard drive in a book to hide rock music in her dorm at a ultra strict christian school!)


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