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March 21, 2013

Okay. I've been on a space/celestial kick lately.... I did a couple constellation posts a while back. and I thought I had to do a post dedicated solely to the moon because the moon is pretty amazing. Well, both the sun and the moon. and the whole earth/planet/rotation thing ;) Hope you enjoy today's round up.

the moon art print via Heather Landis

Astronomical Antique Print Reproduction via missquitecontrary, $30

Moon Calendar via rendij

by artist fredrik akumvia anthology

via manolescent

tin moon globe via bellalulu

moon ring via gemagenta

la lune. moon prints via TheCuratorsPrints and mercimerci

moon dominos via

via Mark Deibert

moon bed crib apartment therapy

When The Moon Hits Your Eye via ell lovely

moon tote via bright beige

moon photograph necklace via Charm Topia

vintage moon photographs via antiqueprintstore

moon print via fieldguided

necklace via meghann sommer

moon cutting board …?! my favorite find, would love this! via fine little day shop

14 hello's:

  1. I really love the moon ring! Thank you for sharing this collection, the pictures look awesome! :D

    Great post!


  2. A great compilation!

  3. I have also been on a space/celestial kick lately! I am loving that print from Ello Lovely. It would be perfect in my house!

  4. A Moon globe? Yes oh yes! And you might like prints from N'est-ce pas? Hollie does some amazing ones.

  5. Excellent collection, thanks for including "La Luna" from my store :)

  6. This is such a beautiful post. My new collection of jewellery is partly inspired the moon, it's such a beautiful subject to capture.

    Gemma typically.pretty.english

  7. What a lovely post subject! That moon crib is too sweet for words..

  8. Dani! Seriously girl, it was a blessing meeting you today at your store!! You are a treasure and your heart just radiates love:) Thank you for being interested in our trip to Nepal. Looking forward to getting to know you more and following along! Have a great day, love Katie

  9. The moon is absolutely one of my favourite parts of God's creation. So magnificent and beautiful. These are all lovely, thanks for posting!

    Kylie @ All Things Lovely

  10. Dani,
    Unfortunate I have to contact you like this because you don't respond to any of my emails. I really like to receive the correct stamp I ordered from you and I also like to solve the charging issue. The stamps I received are priced $13.50 but I paid you $23.50 pro ordered stamp so I think I received smaller ones. I really want to solve this and hope to hear from you soon.
    The Netherlands

  11. I really love all these moon designs!

  12. I have that moon cutting board. It's one of my favorite things. Great roundup Danni!

  13. the moon has always been an inspiration to me! i write love letters to an imaginary boy who lives on the moon and usually have some kind of lunar feel to a lot of my art work. i'm currently working on a small production of wolf stuffies but after i have ideas for space based bracelets!


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