April 12, 2012

I did one snapshot and haven't done one since -- I kind of forgot about them and realized I have been saving photos to post! Here are some snapshots from a few weeks ago :)

I really love pears!! They're one of my favorite fruits. and I like english muffins.

When we drove to Vegas (I've also taken this same route and drove to Salt Lake City before! I think it's funny the miles for SLC are blocked out .. it says 517 miles. whoa. that's a lot!)

My mom always sends us cards for holidays.. in our valentine's card she included red envelopes for Chinese New Year, hehe. We don't really celebrate chinese holidays :( but my grandma always gives us red envelopes for birthdays/christmas and I hope to carry on the tradition with our kids.

So we used to have a $7 waffle maker from Target. It did not make good waffle's. Nick's mom's waffles are the best.. So she got us a quality waffle maker for our wedding.. waffles are so yum! (with bananas and nutetlla too!)

Nick got inspire by the sunlight and snapped this shot while we were making waffles.

A beautiful wedding we got to help with.

We had a big Hong family reunion, initiated by my uncle. it was really cool & I'm glad he pushed us to do it. Lots of people I'd never even met. Totally encourage anyone to put together a family reunion if you are able!

He's so cute.


Wrapping up a gift.

That's it for this snapshot, thanks for reading along.
More snapshots to be posted soon :)

16 hello's:

  1. Loved the pics, and that mixing bowl!

  2. All of these photos are lovely. Especially the waffle ones =) That's cute about the red envelope tradition.

    - Sarah

  3. I adore these snapshots. They hold so many stories within each one. Lovely.

  4. Danni,
    Just wondering if you can actually mail the packages with the twine and key attached without the Post Office giving you an problems.

    1. Hi Debi!

      The post office will actually remove any excess items on a package, so if you tie it even with just twine, they'll cut it off :(

      - Danni

  5. Love these shots!

  6. Love the snapshot post! The sneak peek into daily life is so fun and refreshing... can't wait to see more!

  7. the mixing bowl pic and the wedding pic are my faves!! have a great weekend danni!

  8. Those packages are beautiful, I wonder where those keys come from!

  9. such pretty pictures! I just love your blog :) xx

  10. Lovely pictures. Now I want to get a camera. =P Recommend any good non-professional ones?

  11. Love the packaging...I'm pinning this :)

  12. I enjoyed all of your lovely photos :)

  13. I really love that shot of the mixing bowl with waffle batter dripping down. Tell your husband nice job : )


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