July 31, 2013

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treasured / 01:


July 30, 2013

From time to time I come across really neat vintage treasures and thought I'd take some photos and start a weekly post to share them with you! Today's treasured item is a quiz stick. I found this at a garage sale... it may be just me but I think this is the coolest! It has all these little papers with questions on it and you just tear one off the stick.

Then you remove the thread and unfold the paper and it reveals the answer:

Amazing! haha. maybe I am easily impressed. but I just think things like this are so fun. and quality! I mean, someone must have hand folded and sewn these little pieces of paper. unless a machine did it.. not sure. Wasn't able to find much out about the company. Does anyone have one of these? Well, hope you find this as fun as I do ;) Will be back soon with another treasured post!

Craft show month:


July 29, 2013

This month was filled with back to back craft shows every weekend! We've been doing craft shows for 5 years now, it's crazy to think how fast the time has gone. Our summer show "tour" always ends with Renegade San Francisco, and it's the most amazing show in town. We love San Francisco! 

Craft shows never get old, there are always amazing new finds and treasures to discover. As a seller, it's a great way to gain exposure for your brand. I think craft shows played a huge part in the growth of oh, hello friend. These type of shows are juried so we are truly fortunate to be accepted into the shows we do.. we have been rejected to some shows so that definitely makes you humble and grateful when you get into a show :) 

Anyway, as much as I love craft shows, I am glad the summer shows are winding down. My big goal right now is to develop the oh, hello friend stationery line (i love stationery!) and so I need to get motivated and focused! Do you have any big goals on your list right now? Well it's a brand new + fresh week to start making your goals happen! Let's have a productive week! 

above photos: 2. i made a few dried floral arrangements for the shows and they were a hit, may think about expanding on this! 2. gorgeous cotton plant hangers by indie and arrow. 3. picked up some of these amazing ornaments by mb art studios for the shop! 4. the most awesome poster ever! fruits & veggies seasons - with gold foil (my favorite) get one here at young america creative

Happy Friday:


July 26, 2013

Friday is here! Here are some mail-related treasures in my collection.. I really love mail. The parcel post mailing labels are my favorite. and have you guys seen this vintage seed packet postage stamps at the post office? I think it's the most amazing design I've seen! I am sure fellow stationery lovers and writers have stocked up on these beauties ;) I'd buy some ASAP and stock up before the design is gone. I stocked up quite a bit.  

Anyway, this weekend we are in San Francisco for Renegade Craft Fair! This is my favorite show -cool location and amazing sellers. We are so fortunate to be able to keep most of our usual craft shows going thanks to some wonderful employees that watch the shop while we are gone!

Do you have any weekend plans for this last weekend in July? Hope it's nice where you are to be able to go out and enjoy the summer! Thanks for reading this week friends. 

ps: Happy birthday to my Aunt Linda who reads my blog :) Both my aunts read my blog which I think is pretty neat! and it was my Aunt Irene's birthday too so happy birthday AL + AI!

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July 25, 2013

Have you ever been camping? I went camping a lot when I was younger. My mom's friends loved camping so we always took trips together. It was a blast. SO many memories. We caught our own fish and cooked them up, slept under the stars, went inner-tubing. Did I ever tell you when I was in junior high, the youth  group at our church takes the 7th graders on a big backpacking trip. I think we hiked 10-15 miles or something like that with our huge packs carrying all our supplies! I'll always remember that trip :) Nick has never been camping! I think we'll need to change that this summer... if we have time. This summer is flying by! Well here's a collection of images - go on an adventure before summer ends!

andy moeck

Jocelyn Catterson

man and camera


Jocelyn Catterson

Peter Prehn


atelier de l'armee

a long time ago via Therese Oneill
her caption is funny, "I can't imagine why anyone would go camping in the 19th century.
Your life already IS camping" lol.

tom boy style

Bethany Marie

Kristina T.

Sophie haber

four favorites:


July 24, 2013

fabulous: spotted treat bags from urbanic and lark store
(note: currently not available at either sites but did find them at anthropologie!) 
font: Ahra from magpie paperworks, $58 / photo from besotted brand 
(note: totally forgot i already posted this one a couple weeks back! oh well, it's a good one!)
free: printable cleaning schedule from squirrellyminds.com
fun: pom pom beach umbrella from bellamee



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Yes yes yes, so true. 
Why is it so hard to let things go sometimes?
Need less over thinking and over analyzing, more letting go ;)

american blogger:


July 23, 2013

Chris Wiegand

Joy Prouty and Erin Loechner

Casey Wiegand

Today I had the privilege to do an interview with Chris Wiegand for a documentary he is filming about bloggers. Last month he renovated a vintage airstream and has been traveling across the country stopping in over 30 states and meeting with bloggers all over the country! Such an amazing idea brought to life. It's been fun to follow along his journey across the states, meeting with so many bloggers. What an honor to be included in such an amazing group of bloggers! You can see more photos here on instagram: #americanblogger and read updates all about what's happening at his wife's blog, Casey Leigh :) 

New tapes:


July 22, 2013

Added a couple new designs to our tape collection. A pattern & sentiments message tape. If you missed it the other week, I posted a special promotion on our message tape - we've extended the promotion for the entire month so be sure to check it out! :)

Happy Friday:


July 19, 2013

I love dried flowers. They last forever! I went down to the flower district and bought some flowers but totally forgot about them and found them in our storage closest several weeks later. They had dried so nicely and in the state they had been all wrapped up. I was immediately hooked on dried flowers. I guess you can say it was a lovely accident.
This site sells them and they'll arrive fresh to you so you can dry them yourself. They're also available on etsy from various sellers :) We sell the scissors & basket pictured above in our shop.

Any exciting weekend plans? This is craft show month for us, this weekend is Renegade LA! Hope you can stop by! The shop will be open too, 11-6 on Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday. We have a new summer sale section, so you can come get some goods at 50% off! Happy weekend friends, thanks for reading this week!

four favorites:


July 18, 2013

Thought it'd be fun to do a four favorites anthropologie edition, because they have so many amazing fun and fabulous things. who doesn't love anthropologie? It's definitely one of my favorite shops! Sometimes we get comments from shoppers that our shop is like anthropologie.. which of course is the ultimate compliment :)

fabulous: Signal Cycles Picnic Bike, $3,000
fun: Mini Fiesta Pinatas, $38
fabulous: Sumatra Cabana, $575
fun: Flamingo Tape Dispenser, $18



July 17, 2013

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i thought it'd be nice to start a new weekly post with encouragement/inspiring messages and quotes. i know sometimes these quotes and sayings can get cliche and start to loose their meaning but sometimes they really help me get through my day or week, what about you? We offer a lot of positive messages through the products we carry in our shop, i love encouraging people through simple little things like that. and i've always wanted this blog to a place where you can find encouragement. really should have had this kind of post from the start ;) 
Today's quote really spoke to me, probably because i find myself doing this quite often. Hope you are encouraged, inspired, comforted, and refreshed through these small posts friends!

OHF is hiring:


We're hiring a photographer! Specifically a product photographer. I like taking photos but I'm no professional. Ideally, I'd love to work with a photographer on doing styled shoots and fun things like that. But for now, we're looking for someone who can take professional product photos for our stationery & jewelry line. Pay will be discussed at time of interview.

Applications can be downloaded here. Please submit your portfolio, website, and application to ohhellofriend@gmail.com.

We're also looking for a web developer (need some coding and things like that) and we'll be hiring a wholesale manager down the road. So if you or someone you know can do some web stuff for us, please send an email our way! Thanks friends!



July 16, 2013

In a bit of a funky mood lately. It's getting hot here in orange county, and the sun kind of makes me lazy ;) sometimes want to just stay in bed all day... do you have days like that? do you have anything that you find helps in motivating/inspiring you? Well, here is a collection of images i hope you like :)


Lucy Cheung

anne mumford

Đào Tuấn Anh


Martin De Martin





Love this venn diagram. isn't it so true? i've been working a lot on figuring out expectations, where they come from, and letting them go cause they're ridiculous!