Happy Friday:

October 25, 2013

Happy Friday friends! Yesterday was really productive - I spent the day redesigning our logo and branding and I designed a new layout for the blog. I've posted my work file from Illustrator above, I'm a messy worker - layouts and elements all over the place ;)

Anyway, it's kind of similar to the current layout - I can't seem to get away from PEACH/PINK, YELLOW, and MINT!! it's kind of a sickness, I'm just drawn toward those colors. I've tried to change the blog layout every year and am running behind this year but I'm thinking it can still get done before 2013 is up. You can see past blog layouts here if you're curious what oh, hello friend looked like 5 years ago.

Well this weekend is full of workshops! We are having 3 calligraphy workshops with Jenna Rainey and a book of notes workshop on Sunday! There is still room in the book of notes workshop - we're also doing a string art class + floral arranging workshop next week so you can still sign up for those too! Hope you have a fun weekend friends, thanks for reading this week.

4 hello's:

  1. Well peach, pink, yellow and mint are just too pretty to get away from, right?! I'm looking forward to your new design, Danni! It's always exciting to see the final product of something we work so hard on :)

    Wow, seems like you have a busy weekend ahead filled with lots of creative FUN!! I would love to attend a floral arranging workshop. I just have a thing for flowers <3

  2. You don't know how tempted I am to drive 6 hours on Sunday for the book of notes workshop!

  3. Love it, friend! And seriously, why stray away? Those colors are gorgeous! Do your thang!

  4. all your designs are great!!! do you do the redesign yourself or do you recommend anyone?


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