December 31, 2012

This holiday we did 11 craft shows between November & December so I didn't really have any time to put together a Christmas card or anything. Inspired by Amanda's year in review, I decided to do a round-up of our 2012 year. The other day in church as we were flipping through our bible, one of our wedding invite cards fell out. I guess I put one in there some time ago. Nick suggested I use the layout for our 2012 round-up from our wedding invite. So here's a little summary of highlights from our wonderful year of 2012.

This year has been crazy and I can't believe it's over! 2012 has been an amazing year. We've met new friends, traveled to new places, laughed, cried, and worked hard. We've been so blessed from being able to buy a house to traveling for craft shows and other blog opportunities. (so fun to visit New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Austin, England, and a couple other places along the way!)

I don't want you to think this year was all good things for us and our lives are perfect - Nick and I actually fought more than usual this year (weird that it all came out in the 2nd year, 1st year of marriage was great) but we learned from it and our relationship has grown a ton. I explored lots of issues from my childhood and made a lot of new discoveries about why I do the things I do. This year we also said goodbye to a dear friend and my Grandfather. It was very sad but we rejoiced that we'll see them again one day soon. I will definitely remember 2012, big things happened and we made a lot of changes.

Going in to 2013, I really want to live each day well. I know it may sound cliche but I know I personally wasted a lot of time in 2012 holding grudges, being angry, and not being grateful. Next year - I hope to be more kind, more generous, love more, let things go, and try to be a whole lot more patient. Sure I could set my usual goals like taking my business to the next level or writing my book proposal (this has actually been one on my list for a few years now, haha) but what's the point of achieving these things if at the end of the day, I don't have love in my life. If I forget to be a grateful person. If I am fighting with my husband. I don't want to loose sight of what is important - actually Galatians 5:22 sums it up quite nicely: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This is what is important for me in 2013.

So is there anything that comes to mind for you? Have you set any goals or resolutions for yourself for 2013? I'd love to hear them! :) Happy New Year dear friends! Thanks for reading oh, hello friend this year and sharing in our journey. See you next year! (tomorrow!)

oh, and here's the image of our wedding invite

Goodbye 2012 Sale!

UPDATE: Sale has been extended thru January 1st! Happy New Year!! Thanks for your support! :)

Hi Friends! To celebrate the last day of 2012, we're having a special sale today in our shop. Receive 10% off + a free gift on any order! Simply enter promotion code "goodbye2012" at checkout for discount to be applied.

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24 merry days: giveaway from Kelly Moore & Huset:


December 24, 2012

UPDATE: Congrats to lucky winner #187 - Dana! Thanks for entering everyone - loved reading about all your Christmas memories! Giveaway is now closed.

So a couple weeks ago I mentioned I was participating in 24 Merry Days. Today we're ending this amazing project (all blogs and prizes were coordinated by Audrey!) with an amazing giveaway from not 1 but 2 shops! 1 lucky winner will receive a Kelly Moore Chapel Bag (retail value $229!) in their choice of color and a $75 Marimekko gift set from Huset Shop. (i like Marimekko!) The Kelly Moore bag is amazing, it can be used as a purse or a camera bag!
To Enter: Leave a comment with your favorite Christmas Tradition or memory!

Additional Entries: 1. Like oh, hello friend on Facebook / 2. Like Kelly Moore on Facebook / 3. Follow Huset Shop on Twitter / 4. Tweet about this giveaway! Example: "I just entered the @kellymooreclark & @huset_shop #24merrydays giveaway at @ohhellofriend !"  Please leave a separate comment for each of the above for your additional chances to win!

Giveaway ends at midnight, pst on December 31st. Winner will be randomly selected and announced here at the blog and notified via email. 

ps: there are still some other wonderful giveaways going on over at The Proper Pinwheel (you can win $100 worth of stamps from my shop!) Lottie Loves, Dust Jacket, Create like Crazy, & Lolalina! A big thank you to Audrey from This Little Street for coordinating the 24 merry days, so fun to be a part of it!

collection, Christmas:


December 23, 2012

What is it about this time of year that just makes it the best? It's so sweet and warm (even though the weather gets colder) and I am sure for many of you, your favorite time of year? I think it really is the most wonderful time of the year! With Christmas just a week away, I thought I'd put together a little collection of my favorite holiday photos. 

Chalkboard art via LilyandVal

Better Homes and Gardens

Erin Jang

ruffled blog

all the beautiful things


cutest advent via the paper mama

real simple

rue magazine

eat drink chic

100 layer cake



2013 Calendars:


December 13, 2012

I really love calendars. There are so many unique ones out there! I know there are plenty of calendar round-ups out there but I thought I'd do my own because it was a lot of fun finding calendars ;) Still time to order these for the new year!

1/ Linear Calendar from The Made Shop, $25.  2/ Screen Print Floral from The Hungry Fox, $20. 3/ Wood Stump Calendar from Anthropologie, $38 4/ World Map Desk Calendar from ebay, $20
5/ Letterpress Calendar from WK Studio, $30 6/ Caffe Latte Calendar from oh, hello friend, $10 7/ Desk Calendar from Rob Ryan, $7.75 8/ Season Wall Calendar from Katie Vernon, $25 9/ Cut Out Number Calendar from Present and Correct, £16.50

10/ Jumping Point Calendar from MoMA, $19.98 11/ Stitch the Stars Calendar from The Curiousity Shoppe, $24 12/ House Box Calendar from Kate's Paperie, $15 13/ Antoinette Calendar Print from Rifle Paper Co, $20



December 12, 2012

So we have an announcement to make .... oh, hello friend is going retail! as in brick + mortar. Yep, that's right! If you live in Orange County, you'll soon be able to shop for all your favorite oh, hello friend goods & more in PERSON! If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen some photos I've posted but this is the official announcement!

I have been really excited to share this with you guys. Well, some of you know this has been something on my mind for a loooooong time. I can't believe it was over a year ago I asked your opinion about this topic. I was pretty much ready to move forward with a shop but the spaces we looked at didn't end up working out. (too expensive, not enough space, too much space, etc) So we kind of put those plans on hold. But now I can finally take my sweet vintage cash register I bought 2 years ago out of the garage and use it! and seriously, I am always so drawn to displays for some crazy reason! I knew I'd make use of all these displays I have been hoarding, I mean, collecting over the years.... I must have subconsciously been gathering displays because I knew this day would come! ;)

We didn't really tell anyone we were thinking about it this time around. I didn't want to bring it up and then just have the plans fall through like before. I barely even told my family, I thought it'd be fun to just tell them one day, hey we got a store! But I had to tell my mom & dad to have them look over the lease for me, lol.

So Nick and I were just talking one day and discussing the future. I said it'd be nice to have a space to work in to get out of the house, which led us to talking about opening a shop for real. We prayed about it and Nick told me he'd start looking for some spaces but we figured it would be a slim chance because good spaces rarely become available and there were really only a couple cities/areas I'd want to open a shop anyway. We found a space in Downtown Fullerton but when I called, it had just been leased! I was so bummed but knew it wasn't meant to be. Then the guy told me the tenant in the space right next door was moving out!! I was pretty excited. We started negotiations and in a couple weeks we signed the lease! 

It still doesn't seem real and sometimes I doubt and question and ask myself, "what have we gotten ourselves into?" ;) But honestly, I think this was just the right move. The timing is right, everything actually fell into place quite easily. We've been selling at craft shows for 4 years now so this just seems like the next step. I am so excited at what the future will bring. We are going into this with no expectations, because we have absolutely no idea what to expect! It could be awesome or it could fail miserably. We signed a 2-year lease so I guess I figured WHY NOT. Take a chance and see how it plays out. If we don't, we'll always be left wondering. If it doesn't work out, at least we'll have learned a ton of good life experience from the whole thing. Anyway, here are some photos of what we've moved in so far.. which is not much! Our grand opening is scheduled for sometime in January :)

We painted the walls (yellow, what else?) and tore up all the laminate and got concrete floors! I am loving concrete floors! (we also got them in our house) If you want concrete floors done, my guy is awesome!

Anyway, be sure to follow us on instagram, we'll be posting tons of photos as we get the shop set up! #ohfshop - We're hoping to be open by next month so stay tuned for the announcement! If you'd like to keep up to date and for information on our big grand opening party, sign up for the shop newsletter by clicking here or you can sign up in the form below! Thanks for all your support friends :)

ohf retail:


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We may be hiring a couple people so if you're looking for a part-time job, stay tuned for details.



December 7, 2012

Where in the world is all the time going?? I am sorry I've been MIA on the blog these past couple weeks. We are in full craft show season right now. I'm really sad the time is passing by so quickly! Last year I was in this same situation and I told myself next year I'd take some time to really enjoy Christmas time. Well here we are already a year later and apparently I forgot I told myself that or something because doing double shows in a weekend is not exactly taking time to enjoy the season ;) But we are fortunate to have opportunities to travel and sell. Last weekend we were in Chicago and LA and this weekend we are doing Renegade LA and Crafty Wonderland, in Portland. My brother will be at the Portland show so stop by and say hi! Then just one more show in San Francisco the weekend after (my personal favorite show of the year) and we'll have a full week to relax and enjoy Christmas and the rest of 2012. Okay, so next year I am really going to take time to enjoy the season and actually put up a tree and decorations! for real. 2013 is my year. well, we'll see :)

I have so many fun & exciting things to share with you guys but I'm trying to find some time to even put together the blog post to tell you so stay tuned. How are you enjoying this season? Anyone done with their shopping yet? I haven't even started. yikes. Miss being here and blogging so I'll hopefully be able to find some time soon. Thanks for sticking around friends. Have a splendid weekend!

New OHF Tape:


December 6, 2012

Please note your tape choices:

24 Merry Days:


December 3, 2012

Hi Friends! I am really excited to share with you 24 Merry Days - a fabulous idea brought to reality by Audrey of The Little Street. It's a group of 24 bloggers that will post 1 giveaway on their designated day. So you have to do a little blog-hop to all the blogs to see the different giveaways - what a great way for us to discover new blogs too! My giveaway is on Christmas Eve, the 24th. The prizes are legit, I can't say what they are because you'll just have to visit each blog on their designated day but trust me, I would love to win one of everything ;)  Be sure to follow along the beautifully designed 24 Merry Days site, it is easy to navigate and tells you what you can win and gives you a link directly to what blog you can win the prize at! You can follow along all the tweets too to see the status of all the giveaways posted daily - #24MerryDays

So far there have been 3 giveaways since we are on December 3rd. Day #1 was a giveaway at 79 ideas for a $350 gift certificate to Kirribilla! Day #2 over at fellow fellow is for a screen printed city map from Famille Summerbelle. and today's giveaway at Sugar and Cloth is for 2 super cute items - a set of pom cake toppers and a cloud bracelet. Just catching you up ;) Be sure to follow along each day! To enter, simply visit each blog to see how to enter - it's typically just a comment-to-enter! Hope you win something good!