summing up 2012:

January 7, 2013

I thought it'd be fun to do a little summary of posts from 2012. Looking over the blog posts from last year, it's so crazy that a whole year of blogging went by just like that! If you're a more recent reader, here are some posts you may have missed. If you're an old reader, maybe you'll remember some of these! These are a few of my favorites from last year :)
my first DIY post of the year, a business card DIY: here

book of notes, these are so fun to make: here


Nick and I attended a managing conflict marriage weekend,
shared my notes with you guys: here
image via oh, darling

shared about how I keep all my thoughts together, old school: here
 (technically posted in March but it was almost April! ;) 

blogged about one of the many vintage sales we had in 2012, if you came to a sale last year, thank you! : here


we bought a house! : here


simple packaging: here

you shared your stories about how you came to start a blog: here

we celebrated 2 years of marraige: here

i went to downton abbey: here


designed & launched a new website/shop: here

we made a pretty cool announcement: here

So that was 2012! I definitely didn't get around to blogging about some things I wanted to last year so hopefully things will get more organized and I'll have time to dedicate to doing all the plans and ideas I have for the blog :) All in all though, 2012 was a good year of blogging. Thank you for reading along at my little space here in this big world of web!

8 hello's:

  1. congratulations to you and nick for an incredible year! i'm so excited to see many more great things to come for the both of you! :D. cheerios to the new year!!

  2. congrats on the beautiful year you and nick and oh hello friend had danni! love getting to walk through life and your creative brilliance through your blog. you are a blog genius and i am a follower for life! happy new year!

  3. 2012 was a great year - loved all of your posts! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us coming up...and more updates on the shop too!!

    xx Ashleigh

  4. You guys had such a great year. And seriously- that key lock gets me every time.

  5. congrats danni!

    2012 sounds amazing and so excited to see what's in store for you in 2013!

    excited for the store to open :)

    xoxo joyce

  6. I love reading year in review posts - especially when I'm a new reader. Your blog is just beautiful xo

  7. It was a great year! Lots of exciting things coming up in 2013 too :)

  8. Loved looking over these posts again - Danni why have you not put a "book of notes" kit in your shop yet?? I love all those cute little notes books, I'd sure love to create my own ; )


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